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Flowers shooting techniques of actual combat--two light skills

The light is one of the important elements of the shaping picture, can say no light we cannot be accurately represent everything, flowers photography as

such. Next, we focus on different direction from light flower show different effect, for example, to explain the importance of light and shooting skills.

The light show the gorgeous colour flowers

【 skills 】 flower sketch shooting techniques of actual combat--two light skills

The camera just to shoot with the direction of the radial direction basic to remain consistent. The light is the biggest characteristic of main body by light

even, in the picture no intense light and shade contrast, so the light under the way of metering is simple, usually average metering can easily finish


Even the light of soft can show the bright colors of the flowers, but when strong light, often brings us is dazzling PANASONIC Lumix DMC-fh1a battery colour effect. Then we need to reduce 1

~ 2 block exposure, in order to eliminate the light intensity on the screen of the disturbance, but reduce exposure compensation is one of the ways we used

to use.

Inclined side light levels and colour of outstanding flowers

【 skills 】 flower sketch shooting techniques of actual combat--two light skills

Inclined side just to camera and radial direction in 45 ° Angle basic, the light from the main body of the inclined side to illuminate. With the different

light, the light of the main body under the surface can present clear shadow areas, according to the different light intensity, the main body of light and

shade contrast is also different. When the more intense light, the more obvious shadow area, the more intense light and shade contrast; And when the faint

light, shadow region and the weak, the picture of the smaller the contrast between light and shade.

【 skills 】 flower sketch shooting techniques of actual combat--two light skills

Because the light can let body side of the picture of the clear light and shade area, so the stereo feeling will become more prominent, the work of the

visual effect more intense. Because the flower subject usually small, even strong inclined side light, and never will we chart the results of a serious

impact, so local or general average metering can answer most of the light environment.

Backlight flowers lighting effects and outstanding level

【 skills 】 flower sketch shooting techniques of actual combat--two light skills

Light is to point to the camera's shooting with the direction of the light the complete opposite direction, basic is to be light to shoot. The biggest

characteristic of main body is light one side will face the camera because the reason and a massive shadow areas. The light is stronger, the details of the

shadow area lost the more serious. So when we face when light body, so we need the most attention is the point.

【 skills 】 flower sketch shooting techniques of actual combat--two light skills

Because the flower subject is small, and the light has the reflection effects, so usually even backlight situation, in a side of the main body will still

backlighting how many presents part details. So we can still use local metering to get relatively accurate picture PANASONIC Lumix DMC-fh1d battery of exposure. In addition, the average

metering method is also a good choice. The so-called average metering method means to highlight areas and shadow respectively in the area of metering,

finally use manual mode, two times the average of the dx input, so get picture can ensure the basic exposure in the normal range of the results.

Top of the unique light effect

【 skills 】 flower sketch shooting techniques of actual combat--two light skills

Top just to cameras with the direction of the light show 90 ° Angle, that is the light is develops illuminate, so the top PANASONIC Lumix DMC-fh1gk battery of time is fixed light appeared,

every day at noon is the light the most intense of the time. If we hope to get top light effect obvious flower piece, can choose the time to shoot.

【 skills 】 flower sketch shooting techniques of actual combat--two light skills

Because light is down on the top cover, so metering relatively simple. Use average metering can be completed most of the shooting. In addition, the picture

color because top light the strength of the light and change. When the light is too intense light, the screen color can appear "white", then we can try to

reduce exposure compensation, let the pictures to return to normal.

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Shelter evil people and practices to serious cleanness! Thorough

For some perennial using a laptop computer work of consumers, the keyboard is absolutely close with the greatest number of components. Long use not only key cap will appear at the phenomenon of glossy, the key under the cap will also appear normal clean the dirt can't touch. For the keyboard in the surface layer of dirt, we usually just need to wet towel or cotton can then clean, for key cap and key caps the dust can also between gap through the soft brush to clean, and more deeply into the dirt and some trouble.

The key problems

Every day above this laptop on 12 hours, the keyboard in the air perennial bare. Recently, found that some key lack dell c1295 battery of elasticity, feel is death, thought to be a keyboard in addition to problems, and so to have the question of the key dismantling the check, but found that horror picture.

If the key caps on the edge of the dirt, can accept it, that the next scene is some...

How? This is fairly clean look key caps the landscape. For general cleaning work for, here's some spring breeze not degrees YuMenGuan feeling. Old tired month dust into the dirt, twisted together of the hair... It is no wonder that key cap will have problems.

Clean work immediately start, tools prepared: a soft brush, with brush or oil painting brush can also; A very common glasses cloth, if there are 3 M cloth or ordinary cotton cloth can also, but had better not use paper towel or wet wipes, easy to leave the paper scraps. The other one basin for water (a faucet too). The work started to clean.

After cleaning the O button

In the key cap will tear down later, can conveniently will remove the key caps on the clear water flushing, clear process can properly use some alkaline cleaner (what, you have no? Use washing powder or the cliche of the smelly soap can!), clean, key cap there'll be an unexpected performance.

On the main clean job, in key cap will tear down later, will play a supporting role X frame scored, use wet glasses cloth cap at the bottom of the key position to wipe, bayonet socket place need special attention, that is fouling the most place. Some stubborn dirt, can use small screwdriver or blade blow gently.

In addition, X wearing also is the focus of the clean. Careful observation, the X frame of coupling place whether there are dirt. Coupling place of the dirt that is lack of back buttons laptop are one of the main reasons.

According to the steps above, in the key caps, key caps under and X frame after cleaning, feel the death before a few buttons are restored the relaxed feeling before. Opinion, cleaning, has helped and clean the keyboard after also added a few relaxed feeling.

The cleaning job is simple, do not need special tools, steps is less complex. But the actual process, the proposal is in the open a key cap careful study of the plane after X structure and layout, must be careful to avoid can tear open but not installed. In addition, in the open process, must pay attention to the proper, withstand the keyboard, and at the same time, to lift up the upper, and several soon skilled up.

Another proposal is, don't suggest a put all the key caps are come down, although that clean up more convenient, but also more likely to trouble. Finally, and most important advice is: in all the cleaning work before the notebook on the power supply must be broken adjusted, battery removed.

Qiao change system Settings software allows laptop security for the summer

As laptop "high performance" and "portability" characteristic, the interior of the laptop space more and more small, but CPU, hard disk and other components in the running of a significant amount of heat. CPU run, dell cf623 battery the higher the frequency, the more heat it produces. Even if the laptop built-in fan and cooling device, but to timely desktop or more difficult than heat.

The hot summer has come, in order to avoid a notebook to crash in overheating, blue hold, let our beloved notebook survived through a cool and refreshing summer, effective help cool the computer is the key; Make your laptop to produce less as far as possible the heat and let the heat evacuated out as soon as possible, from two aspects of hardware and software to realize. The laptop for setting, try to reduce unnecessary energy consumption, in order to reduce the temperature

1. The use of external equipment not closed and port. Remove any temporary not use such as the mobile peripherals disk drive, PCMICA equipment and close serial, parallel, infrared (IR) port, bluetooth and wireless card, which save electricity and reduce heat can also extend the service life of the components it

2. Set reasonable power management mode. Ensure that laptop power management mode is set for "portable/pocket type".

In most cases, reinstall the operating system, the system will use the default "desktop" as a power supply management plan. Including set off display, close the hard disk and system of time waiting for, etc. This is very heavy, it will be good for hardware, another hung mode of electric power consumption is very little, but at the moment, memory is still in the low consumption electric keep working. The tail or press the buttons dormancy can be in a short time, quickly awaken laptop computer, save electricity will reduce the heat, like let computers are no different to rest for a while. Short-term leave the PC on the screen to close the standby, long time left suggest you or closed host.

3. Down faster processors, also can reduce the heat. From the CPU Intel PIII level up using a technique called SpeedStep, this technology can reduce the working voltage of CPU and running frequency, and then reduce power consumption and heat quantity. For example a 1.8 GHz frequency of the Pentium M CPU, in the battery optimization model can be down to 600 MHz to run (in communication power supply mode can also through the software to lower frequency), the CPU calorific value is natural to have reduced significantly. When the notebook computer set to "portable/pocket type" scheme, the laptop will be better use of Intel CPU Speedstep techniques to optimize the system's power management, to achieve drop in temperature, save electricity effect, and it will not reduce the performance of the system. In this case, the system will automatically adjust the speed of the CPU to optimal operation should be the requirements.

4. Shut down unnecessary application, also can be partially reduce energy consumption. Most laptop design as a commercial computer, not used to run the latest, high performance requirements of the game, in the environment of high temperature high performance requirements of the long-term operation of the software could lead to machine speed slow down, the dead lock dell cf704 battery or automatic shutdown. Even if designed for game design notebook computer also want to pay attention to the temperature of the environment. In the normal operation, the CPU utilization notebook on average between 20% and, but when too much backend software, or some of the bad design program, more very person is virus causes a CPU utilization of more than 80%, until 100%, thus cause the system to crash or turn off. The user can through the performance manager to view the CPU using rate to judge.

5. Closed laptop. When you have finished your work, closed laptop, as far as possible let your notebook to have a good rest. Had better not let your laptop open time into laptop bag.

6. Maintenance fan. Dell with random CD diagnostic tool test of whether a normal laptop fan work specific detection method see: if testing fan has a problem, timely call Dell 800 technical support hotline.

7. The BIOS upgrade laptops. Sometimes, the hot means that the computer fan controller need BIOS upgrade. The new version of BIOS can make laptop fan work more efficiently. If you think your notebook became more and more hot, you might as well to see if any dell website provides new BIOS. Cool software with frequency reduction to the shortcomings of cooling is obvious, and the CPU cooled at the same time also will reduce the actual performance, to the application of users will harm of operation, thus in the high load condition is not possible through the frequency reduction to reduce the temperature of the CPU. Cooling software is a monitoring CPU instruction and has the highest priority foreign management software, when it found no foreign instructions CPU, and let CPU into suspend mode, so, the CPU with "enjoy" time, calorific value goes down, and when a foreign instruction, it will wake CPU, make its recovery work.

Cooling software is more, but relatively stable cooling procedures used CPUCool recommended (download), CPUIdle (download) and Waterfall three paragraphs of the main. Specific can go relevant web site download, can DELL BBS BBS to discuss relevant application method, in this not as detailed introduction. Software is the advantage of cooling completely free, convenient operation, but it also has some applicability is bad, the cooling effect are more limited etc.

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Hard disk soft failure treatment explanation

As a computer hard drive the most important storage media, because the importance of data, become "precious" rise. In fact, for many times, hard disk fault is soft fault, it is very good solve. The following author collected five common fault and method of soft hard disk.

Unable to double click into the hard disk

Have a computer is installed, the WindowsXP operating system, this system in the hard drive was divided into C, D, E, F four division, before we'll just use double click the icon partition method can enter to the corresponding disk partition space. But recent don't know what happened, with the mouse click C partition icon, always can not open disk C partition window, only in the right mouse button click the partition icon, and carry out the right menu "open" the order to get to the disk C window, and we in the right-click menu also saw "autoplay" this command options. In the face of such cannot double click into hard disk space strange "harassment", we how to fight?

Considering the right-click the C partition icon, right-click menu system appear "autoplay" this command options, and therefore we conclude that disk C below division stored in the "autorun inf." such documents, it is the existence of the file can cause we can't through the double click the mouse ibm fru 02k6513 battery method into the C pan-gen directory window, we only use first right-click method into the partition window will be one of the "autorun. J inf" files deleted, and will "autorun. J inf" documents related procedure delete all clean, then we can through the double click the mouse to get back into the method to C pan-gen directory window.

Of course, the "autorun. J inf" file generally belongs to the system hidden files, in by default we often can't see it "form", let alone will it deletes from hard drive; At the moment, we can be in the "my computer" window, in turn, click on the menu bar "tool" / "folder options" the order, in the pop-up folder options setting window, click the "view" label, open as shown in figure 1 shows the tag page, choose this page of the "show all files and folders" project, click on the "ok" button, thus we once again into the C pan-gen directory window can see "autorun. J inf" file "figure".

Hard disk space strange smaller

Recently a friend in his computer to install it WindowsXP operating system, the installation is completed he looked at the hard disk C division of the remaining space, found that about 65% of the surplus, but after a while he again see hard disk C of the remaining space division, found that only 50% less than headroom, and he was sure in this period of time and do not have to hard disk C category save any file, the hard drive space suddenly becomes why? Whether we can find the disappearance of the disk partition space?

Although friends didn't go hard disk C category save any files, but WindowsXP operating system in the long run in the process, can produce the log file or not small capacity temporary files, it is these long-term accumulated junk files in "quietly" shrinking the hard disk C division of space.

You were on the disk C space size?

These junk files will be kept in general drive C division of the "Windows \ temp folder and" DocumentsandSettings \ the user account name, LocalSettings \ temp "folder, because they didn't have much real use, we can regularly enter these folder window, they get deleted, so that they will be the amount of disk space to be released. Of course, if we often use IE browser for Internet browsing information, IE will also before we visited web content cache to hard disk C category, this part of the content consumption of disk partition space sometimes was also a lot of number, therefore we can regularly to "DocumentsandSettings \ the user account name, LocalSettings \ TemporaryInternetFiles" folder window this part garbage content will be deleted.

If we have a WindowsXP operating system upgrade operation, then we will be in the "Windows" folder window see similar "$NTUninstallK * * * contentrdquo; such a system, once we will backup folder system restore function opening up of words, so the backup folders could also lead to a hard disk C the division of getting smaller space.

Could not remove hard disk file

There is a friend in trying to remove the hard drive AVP format file, and found that the types of files can't be deleted, and delete the file in the system also will pop up "delete file error, and access denied please make sure disk is not write protected under or" so of error. However, when will switch to the system safe mode condition, friends found that the file format AVP are removed, to face this kind of hard disk access strange phenomenon, should we how to solve?

In fact meet this kind of hard disk access strange phenomenon, we can try to delete other types of common files, look at the system could pop up "delete file error, and access denied please make sure disk is not write protected under or" so of error, if no such hint that explains to remove the AVP file is currently running in.

In fact, the file is in fact AVP kaspersky anti-virus software related program files, in the default state, kaspersky anti-virus programs often is monitored virus operation state, in this state delete any antivirus programs with the ibm fru 02k6520 battery related documents, the system will pop up "delete file error, and access denied please make sure disk is not write protected under or" so of error. And we will switch to the system security mode, are able to will the file format AVP normal deleted, is because in the system safe mode, kaspersky anti-virus program with automatic loading system often will not, in this way is not off the file with AVP and common file, a casual deleted.

Can't through the hard disk detection

Unit in a common office a computer on every time, when activated, will be automatically detecting hard drive, but in the test schedule is located in 66% position when inspection operation can't place ahead, this time also cannot use hot start function to restart the system, must shut down power for cold start. Now only at system startup screen tip testing the moment of hard disk, timely press any key on the keyboard to ignore hard disk inspection operation, after login into Windows system interface to carry out any operation is normal. Why system in the hard disk drive testing operation, the hard drive detection can't pass? Would it be the hard disk hardware damage occurred?

From the above phenomenon description to see, we estimate that the unit of the computer hard drive is Shared by the hardware damage may occur, meet this kind of phenomenon we first have to do is get the important data content will be hard disk, move to other relatively safe position place. For the data backup work, we want to do next job will be to switch DOS system operation state, and in the DOS command line in the implementation of the "fdisk/MBR" string command, to try to repair the hard drive of the fault occurred in soft.

If the repair methods try invalid words, we can go to the Internet to download some professional installation of hard disk bad word detection tools, to local hard drive carefully check for the presence of bad way phenomenon, if can't find hard disk bad way of words, the hard drive of the phenomenon is not through testing may be caused by the failures of the logic, the only thing we can use at this time is to find the corresponding brand the logic of repair bad word hard drive to repair tools to the hard disk, believe that such a way to pass hard drive detection phenomenon can be solved.

Off hard disk can't rest

A computer in standby mode, its hard disk lights still in crazy flash state, we know that hard disk light every day so crazy if flash on it, the service life of the hard drive may be greatly reduced. So we have some way to make hard disk in the system is in standby mode, also can get sufficient "rest"? Actually cause hard disk light in the system under standby still crazy flash on a number of factors, we may, in accordance with the following steps one side, you can ensure that hard disk to be "rest" :

First check the local computer system is installed some professional disk finishing procedures, if has been installed, you can put them from local system uninstall drop, because these professional disk arrangement has the software generally standby system to sort of disk debris are function, so in those professional disk finishing procedures will be "forced" hard drive down in standby mode executive a defragment operation. Of course, we can also do not uninstall these professional disk finishing procedures, but must enter into its set interface, disk fragment automatic tiding up function temporary shielding drop, so hard disk in standby state won't be "forced" to carry out a defragment operation, so also can get enough "rest" time.

Second check local system is installed, jinshan and similar jiangmin that rising domestic anti-virus software, these antivirus software like in the system is in standby mode of files in the hard drive when executive scanning, killing operation, so hard disk nature is not getting enough rest time. Once installed in ibm fru 02k6521 battery the system that the antivirus software, we must move into the corresponding program set interface, will the corresponding to be automatic killing temporarily closed off function.

For example, the local system if installed a rising antivirus software, that we can be in the antivirus program interface in the implementation of the "Settings" / "detailed Settings" menu commands, behind the pop-up Settings window in "customize task" label click, open as figure2shows tag page; In the interface to the right of the area, will "use timing scan", "shutdown examine floppy disk", "use boot scan" and "use screen saver antivirus" check item selected the abolition of all state off, and click on the "ok" button, so that in future the anti-virus software system is in standby mode, will not be "forced" to keep working hard.......

The next check local systems "IndexingService" service ever been open, once the service is open, then that the service will be in the system in the idle state, right there in the hard disk data file automatically index operation, so when leisure hard disk that also can only follow together "unlucky". Therefore, when we find that "IndexingService" service has operated for words, we can open the system service list window, double click the "IndexingService" project, appear in the subsequent attribute to set the window, click the "stop" button, and will start type set to "manual", click on the "ok" button.

In addition, we'd better will be installed in the local system of desktop search tools, memory optimization tools to wait all from the system uninstall drop, because these tools will make hard disk cannot "rest".

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panasonic battery

A dynamic effect, shooting method

This picture of visual effect is very hot, model dancing action see undoubtedly. Actually making this dynamic effect methods is not very complex, we often use the camera in the night of the door or B 4 to 8 seconds shutter can be taken as the works of car light the picture, as the film the photosensitive speed is not really fast, the light will move on the film left continuous QianYing. Similarly the picture is also the principle.

First of all want to choose a darker is best black background, decorated in advance of weak light and strong light, namely flash light position, using B door and use the shutter release operation; When shooting in a relatively weak light first, and then press the shutter characters began to action, about a few seconds later press flash, flash loosen shutter photography after which will end.

Second, the composition of art

Picture at first glance nothing extraordinary, but from photographic professional view on evaluation is different. First the photographer full use of color piece segmentation and model of the attitude and the modelling makes the whole picture and lively up, we can be in the head and the arrangement of the background task to experience this composition on art, that is light color and brunet clever collocation coordination of art, will tell commonly, in photography point that should consider to characters and the background of the composition between art and photography point and composition has three big taboo:

Head background and vertical objects coincide, such as telephone pole, trunk, and so on.

Head background dim (a high side light treatment except).

Tilt shoot (the outline of ace deliberately shot by wide Angle lens, or the inclination of except);

Tilt filming was the most taboo on photography composition!!!!! Don't look down upon DuanPing cameras of the work, the skill is as far as possible to usually furniture horizontal or vertical objects for reference to adjust the camera is a tilt, if is according to the horizon or the water scenery can be as reference. Why is the most taboo photography composition tilt shooting? Because a tilt composition makes the picture produce unstable feeling; for another, influence of the creation of the late clipping space, the pictures tilt will make the dark room late creation amplification clipping room is greatly reduced and the production staff will not start! Three is tilted in CaiKuo process automation composition is easy to generate cut a head to foot phenomenon, the picture is indecent. So we must consider when shooting in photography to the above factors, to develop the habit of DuanPing camera.

Third, the composition of the balance

Photography composition of a picture frame, including prophase processing and later clipping, regardless of what all have a basic law, that is to balance.

This picture composition of a picture processing is given to float about dress and characters of the unified theme, point or if the character on when clipping picture centre for the back of the dress and produce picture imbalance, which, of course, is only beautiful parties of the standard, if is the modern or abstract processing, there may be a character will be arranged in any part of the picture and won't consider whether look at odds. Ha, people shout is thinking too much!!!!!

Four, using large aperture build multicolored color piece

This picture of the future of the spot by fuzzy foil characters theme, make this effect from photography skills speaking is to use large aperture make of the depth of field range reduced to a minimum, focal length of the lens take people as the clear point focusing. If use small aperture of the prospect of flowers and plants and people will also clear. Using large aperture namely master depth of field skills often can build a virtual "in real artistic effect.

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Skillfully using digital cameras fantasy water droplets

After the rain drops of water in the clear spirit, or splash splash, although slightly zong namely loss, but mastery of professional photography skill, still can use digital camera will they filmed, achievement series strong visual impact of the works.

Cameras-as long as the camera shutter speed can reach more than 1/500 of a second, with mandatory flash.

Environment--do not need any professional photography room and special lighting effects, their home to shoot, and lamplight as long as not too dark, general incandescent light bulb and fluorescent lamp is completely will be enough.

Tools-only need a faucet and a specific color with the plastic basin or transparent glass basin.

The focal length and things-in lens and drip from the shooting distance, as long as the lens to focus clearly, and ensure splash splash into the camera will not, as far as possible to the water droplets. Generally speaking, the camera and drip from the best things to keep in 10 centimeters. And in order to ensure the safety of the camera lens, best for the camera lens with a UV protection.

Aperture, if possible, but as far as possible application small aperture, because of its small aperture will provide greater depth of field, make the jump clear water more exquisite, generally speaking, aperture can be set in F6 or so.

The shutter-bouncing drip change the shape and whereabouts way at a very fast rate, a diameter of 0.2 mm the water drops in contact with the water it again after the time will not bounce more than 1/1000 seconds, wants to shoot down its whereabouts or bounce moment in the water and the world map, we need to put the shutter speed setting very high.

Flash and white balance--just will flash mode set to compulsory flash. And in white balance aspects, in order to increase the visual impact, when shooting will be color temperature can be set up to try to high some, make the image color more dense.

The tripod-in order to maintain the stability, the proposal had better use a tripod when shooting camera fixed up.

Set up the camera's various parameters and the shooting environment, can undertake shot on location, but need to be aware of is, must control the faucet water speed and continuous degree.

Generally speaking, the best will drip drip continuously adjust to the degree of a trickle down can best, of course, if you want to shoot other different effects, such as blisters or slow down the water flow caused by the ripple, can be a big water flow will proper. And if you want to drops in a left on the surface DuoGe vortex, can through the plastic eye drops a bottle, a basin of water to move, it can stay special effect picture. And for the exposure control, because be the shutter small aperture shooting, its effect is completely flash exposure of flash intensity control, and every kind of camera flash intensity is different, to get the best of the best to use the exposure control exposure compensation, the actual shooting, the photographer can try a few times, according to the needs of their control. At the same time, the photographer can try a few more shooting Angle, from the Angle of the water DuoGe left different light spirit and beautiful.

What need reminds is, if be to use plastic basin or glass basin to shoot, before filming in will wash basin, and then to shoot, the only way to show the water glittering and translucent. At the same time, it should be noted, the shooting water droplets, especially the drip drop a trickle, most of the time, are likely to appear DuoCi shooting of failure, sometimes it is likely to hold the wonderful moment, perhaps as early as the water, the shutter press late, and so on, and this time, if your digital camera have even pat function, they can try to use even pat features to enhance the success rate. At the same time, but must learn to wait and rob shutter, and will droplets of speed control well, believe in DuoCi try later, are going to have to make you satisfied with pictures.

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